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Project Information

Construction Date : August 2012
Location : Ontario, Canada
Category : Asset Management
Firm : Miller

Project Details

“Investigation of high vibration and abnormal noise on Ammonia Compressor”

The primary business activity of the client being cold storage of perishable goods. One of their ammonia compressors was experiencing premature failures of the inboard bearings which led to unplanned downtime and in turn led to reduced capacity of the cold storage area.

More Project Details

Our investigation not only took into account the vibration signatures but also the integrity of the structural support, the nature and integrity of the supply and discharge piping, slow motion study with a stroboscope of the rigid coupling and the various process parameters such as flow, pressure and temperature.

The vibration signature analysis included standard checks for mechanical abnormalities, not limited to:

  • Looseness of moving parts
  • Dynamic unbalance while in motion
  • Bearing faults
  • Electrically induced noise
  • Vibration

Our conclusion; the discharge piping bolting flange was assembled and tightened under stress. The mating flanges were not parallel or concentric, partly due to welded fabrication of the pipe / flange. Once this was corrected, the compressor noise and vibration levels went from 0.311ips to 0.121ips. The audible winding also disappeared. This case in not atypical, our approach is holistic, we look at systems and not necessarily components.

We have a vast array of experience around rotating machinery from hands-on overhaul to installation and troubleshooting. Pumps, compressors, turbines, gearboxes, fans, reciprocating engines, spindle motors, belt drives and industrial presses just to shortlist some of machinery.