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Project Information

Construction Date : August 2017
Location : Ontario, Canada
Category : Automation and Integration
Firm : Golden Robotics

Project Details

“Integration of FANUC robot to OKUMA CNC machine.”

The scope of works included time and motion studies with a view to accomplishing a cycle time of 27 seconds, part-to-part. Also the design of the robot end-of-arm tooling, robot base design, pneumatic controls using FESTO hardware, Electrics including SIEMENS PLC programming, communication protocols, movement simulation, safety guarding using (ROBUNIT extrusions), with door interlocks and Provincial PHSR compliance as well as Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) compliance.

More Project Details

This project was completed on time and well within the budget with not deviations from the original design proposal. The client was provided with training and 24hr. on call service for the first three months of production. Full operations and maintenance manuals and a well thought-out recommended spare parts list were also provided. As with all of our projects we use only the very best components, such brands as SHUNCK, FESTO, GURNDFOS, KNOLL, OMRON, SIEMENS, BOSCH, ROCKWELL, SKF, FAG, GATES, and the like.

  • We do not cut corners and will generally over-design structural members and consider material selection as an integral part of the design process. Not only material selection but material interaction as it relates to corrosion vis-à-vis galvanic cells, stress corrosion cracking (SSC).

  • We ensure that stress concentration factors are minimised in our designs
  • We apply Engineering principles that others may overlook. Against the grain, we will design for longevity and system reliability over the extended life requirements. For bearings, as an example, we exceed L10 life design criteria.
  • We consider the effects of vibrations on the system and will ensure that no resonant frequencies are excited during normal operations.
  • We understand the fundamental cause of failure of any system or component is fatigue, contamination and improper design.
  • Ergonomics is another aspect of every design; we understand the implications of operator interactions and risks of injury.